Tile & Stone Bullnosing

dennett tile santa rosa bullnose tileWhenever a wall is being tiled, and the tile ends before the wall does, a bullnose, or finish end tile, is used. Installing ceramic tile bullnose can provide a great finished edge around the outside of your tile. A bullnose tile has a rounded edge, to give walls a finished end appearance.

Click here to download the Dennett bullnosing form

Bullnose tiles often come in either rectangular, square or corner shapes. Each one has its advantages. The rectangular bullnose offers a practical way to outline field tile efficiently. Squares are also very common and work well when they are the exact same size as the field tile. Corner bullnose is another very common type of bullnose that can be used in a number of applications. This type of bullnose is very commonly used when installing a backsplash area or any type of wall tile.

We are able to professionally install bullnose tiles in shower surrounds, kitchen backsplashes and anywhere that tile ends on the wall. Don’t neglect this important part of your tile or stone work. Our trained service professionals can advise you on the keys to top-quality bullnosing installation.